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Welcome to Blys™

Blys™ is a sleek, modern light source which can be used as a nightlight or as a display platform for food, art, technology, photographs, or anything your imagination can muster. It is controlled by means of a touch panel. Anywhere along the main edge the unit will be switched on, and the brightness can be altered by touching two small 'bright' and 'dim' zones. Blys™ remembers its previous light setting when its switched off.

As a desirable piece of design, Blys™ offers a modern slim ergonomic unit of very high build quality. The illumination is uniform and uses LCD backlight technology to produce an even distribution of light. It is superb as a display platform in the home, office, restaurant or quality retail outlets.

Blys is available as a 'warm white' lamp suitable for restful home use, or in 'cool white' for applications requiring clear neutral lighting.

Blys was originally developed as a nightlight it provides a low-level glow which allows un-interrupted sleep, but on waking it provides a focus in a room, allowing items such as bedside lights, spectacles, water, phone, and other personal items to be easily identified without switching the main light on. Checkout



Blys™ measures 400mm by 400mm square and is only 25mm deep. It has four non-slip feet and is spill proof
Blys™ is available for delivery worldwide - it has a universal power supply with mains plugs to suit your country.
Power consumption is very low; less than 700mA at 5V. The unit does not get hot, even at the maximum brightness

How to order

Blys is available from our online store at E2L Products Limited

Click on the link to order today Blys lighting tablet

Blys as a work inspection platform